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When’s the right time to change your roof? Before your floor looks like this:



Unfortunately, the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is all too true when it comes to roofing and the majority of people don’t think about the state of their roof until it’s too late. Being on top of your roof’s health will help you save money and avoid costly emergency repairs.

1) Fall- BAD IDEA
Fall is the absolute worst time to get your roof done because everyone else is thinking the exact same thing, “winter is just around the corner, and I should probably replace the roof before the first snow”.

During the fall, you will find the longest wait periods and highest prices as contractors are struggling to meet the demand. Take this time to ask your local contractors about the condition requirements for your specific roofing materials. If you can install them in ANY OTHER season, do that instead.

2) Spring –Ehhh…
During the spring, most construction trades pick up the pace, which means they can raise their prices around this time and get away with it.

Once spring rolls around, people catch up on their finances, get tax refunds and are no longer worried about the cold weather and snow. This is when the spring construction rush begins.

3) Summer – YES!
After the spring rush, most jobs are completed, and summer is a somewhat slow but steady time for roofers. This is the best time to have your roof installed, as a lot of people go away on summer vacations and understandably try not to do any major construction when they’re out of town so your wait time will be minimal or zero.

4) Winter – EVEN BETTER!
If your roofing material and/or geographic location allows for a roof installation during the winter, this is the best time to have a roof installed. Most roofers are hungry for work and lower their prices in the winter. Take advantage of this.

However, there are some limitations when it comes to materials that can safely and effectively be installed during the cold months. Consult a contractor to make sure your roofing will behave properly if installed in the cold.

Make roof repairs and replacements on YOUR schedule. Plan ahead and avoid using that emergency fund for mops and buckets with the most trusted remodeling company in chicago.