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Home additions, remodels and renovations come in all shapes and sizes, from a single bathroom redesign to a complete gut and level. For the Chicago homemaker looking for something in between, home additions can be a great way build on what you’ve already got. Here are some of the most common home additions we provide, along with their respective advantages:

“Bump Out” Home Addition

chicago-home-additionBump outs are a perfect example of taking the middle road. Rather than creating an entirely new room in your home, bump outs can give you that extra bit of space that you have always wanted. Whether you are trying to fit extra counter space in your kitchen, make room for that perfect segment couch in your living room, or make a breakfast nook, a bump out can maintain the integrity and feel of your living space while making it much more useful. Although they tend to cost more per square foot than full-on additions, the smaller size almost always makes it the cheaper option in the long run.

House or Room Addition

home-addition-chicagoA home addition is not just an addition to your home; it’s essentially an addition of a home. Most people add a bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, or some combination of all of these. Because you need plumbing, electricity, HVAC, wiring, and permits, we like to think of it as constructing a mini-house that is connected to your original home. Home additions aren’t cheap, but they are a great investment that can breath new life into the home you already love.

 Building Sun Room in Chicago


building-sun-room-in-chicagoIt used to be said that sunrooms weren’t much good outside of places with very clement weather like California. But with the advent of prefabricated sunroom structures with thermal-resistant glass and sturdy wood or aluminum structures. Sunrooms can be very charming rooms to entertain, or just spend a quiet moment to yourself with a book or newspaper even in Chicago.

 Building Garage Conversion


building-garage-in-chicagoGarage conversion is the classic “empty nest” home renovation project. If you have good wiring and insulation set up, and an entry point into the house, garage conversion can be a quick and cheap way to add a luxurious, spacious new room to your house. You can convert your garage into a living room as seen above, a kitchen, and extra bedroom, or a rec room. The only thing limiting the possibilities is your imagination!

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