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Renovating your kitchen can be inspiring, messy, creative, exhausting, fun, annoying and necessary all at the same time, but it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. While it may seem easier to make decisions as you go, in order to keep renovation costs in check you need to plan ahead, be willing to compromise, and put logical solutions over emotional ones.

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Here are some of our suggestions:

-Go Shopping

Unless you are an interior designer or contractor, it is unlikely that you are familiar with every option for every product that you will need in your kitchen. Before buying the expensive products right away, do some shopping online and in stores to see what else is available. Who knows, you may find something you like better that happens to be less expensive.



It is a common misconception that when you do a kitchen renovation, everything must go. Not true. Your cabinets may suit your new kitchen design just fine! Try sanding them down and painting or staining them a new color. Replacing knobs and handles with new designs are also a low cost way to make your cabinets feel like new.

If your cabinets are too damaged to be reused, it will save you between $200 and $400 on each cabinet if you install solid wood fronts or particle board boxes instead of using hardwood.



Granite is not the only answer. Many companies manufacture their own stones at a lesser cost. These designs range from traditional styles to modern, unique patterns. Other options include laminates and green alternatives. They will look just as nice but at a fraction of the cost.




Just like your cabinets, your appliances can stay if they are still performing correctly. Take the time to repair and clean your appliances so they look and feel brand new. If you simply must replace your appliances, do your research and consider what you need each appliance to accomplish before making any purchases.


-Stove and Sink

When designing your new kitchen, try and keep your stove and sinks in the same places. Moving pipes, and drains can cost you around $2,000. Move other pieces around if you want to make the space feel different.



Plan ahead of time. If you can get your electrician to update your lighting while he’s already there for other electrical work you can save money on a return trip. You may also want to consider incorporating energy efficient LED lights to save you some money down the road.



Changing your flooring can be very expensive, so try painting your walls to make that dramatic change instead. Take your time to pick a color or wallpaper pattern as the walls is one of the few things that can determine the style/theme of your kitchen.



If you have decided that the flooring absolutely must go, despite the costs, try vinyl as a substitute for tiles or laminates as a substitute for hardwood. If chosen correctly, these alternatives can look just as nice as the real thing at a fraction of the cost.


-Keep it Simple

Do only what needs to be done and be practical. Doing a full scale renovation with topnotch materials can cost upwards of $20,000. Pick a few things to change at a time and you’ll be surprised how new your space can feel with small changes here and there.

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